The funniest 3d comic book in space

Fantti & Pipoh

The refrigerator thief

The galaxy is safe with Fantti and Pipoh flying through star space looking for Martian threats. Discover this 3D comic on Kindle.
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About the story

Smart Humor for Earthlings and Martians

Are the problems of the Martians so different from ours? Politics, economy, employment, training, media, science and technology…

You are about to discover the most popular saga among the aliens, the compulsory reading at Area 51, the comic book that our leaders read on the toilet to know how the world is going.

Experience this first adventure in which an evil Martian threatens our planet, and a team of crazy earthlings, led by Fantti and Pipoh, will do everything possible to avoid it.


Webtoon - Saga Comic Fantti & Pipoh

About the authors.
A father, a mother and their daughter…
a somewhat peculiar and crazy family.

The team formed by the authors of Fantti and Pipoh (Pedro Fdez, Bárbara Fdez and Bárbara Pérez) has worked together since the beginning of time, because they are also the components of a crazy family.

Among all our dolls and stuffed animals, there was one that stood out from the beginning for its strong character and personality. His name is Fantti, and now his adventures are available to everyone, through the fascinating world of comics.

We hope that everyone can enjoy our characters, for as many years as possible, hoping that they will be many.

It all started playing, laughing, spending a winter afternoon at home; creating characters and stories with the stuffed animals they loved so much.

We are not alone!… But you already knew that, right? This is not just another story of Martians and Earthlings, this is the final one. Discover how Fantti and Pipoh protect us from the dangers of the galaxy and join them!

You can get to know the characters better, see new cartoons, news, publications…

Copyright © 2019 Pedro Fdez | Bárbara Fdez | Bárbara Pérez. All rights reserved.

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