Our mission is to neutralize the earthlings… especially Fantti and Pipoh

The authors:
A father, a mother and their daughter…
a somewhat peculiar and crazy family.

The team formed by the authors of Fantti and Pipoh (Pedro Fdez, Bárbara Fdez and Bárbara Pérez) has worked together since the beginning of time, because they are also the components of a crazy family.

Among all our dolls and stuffed animals, there was one that stood out from the beginning for its strong character and personality. His name is Fantti, and now his adventures are available to everyone, through the fascinating world of comics.

We hope that everyone can enjoy our characters, for as many years as possible, hoping that they will be many.

It all started playing, laughing, spending a winter afternoon at home; creating characters and stories with the stuffed animals they loved so much.

Why was this project born?

“The characters are born because they need to come here to play with us. They build their worlds, tell us their concerns and we live together all their adventures. The need to play, to animate, to build, to create life. That’s why everything happens”

— Pedro Fdez

What do you think is the purpose?

“I believe that Fantti and Pipoh make an appeal, with their aesthetics, to our childhood. Creating situations and characters through which we can laugh a little at our adult lives

— Bárbara Pérez

What would you highlight?

“I would highlight the adventures of these curious and disastrous characters, who will make you fall in love with them without realizing it. You will dream about them, you will want to eat panna cotta at all times, you will become obsessed with the laws of physics and the quantum world. The worst… you’ll be scared every time you see a refrigerator”

— Bárbara Fdez

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How to create a comic book without being abducted by an evil alien?


Webcomics - El mejor cómic que Fantti y Pipoh son capaces de hacer


The characters "are born"

They appear suddenly, sticking their curious noses into our world. Because for them, ours is also a fantastic world.

Webtoon - El humor gráfico inteligente más gracioso


And with them their world

They’re here with us, but they need to live in their own settings. Because Fantti wanted to live in his pyramid and Pipoh doesn’t like to spend the night outside Pipohland.


Tell me a story!

The story is told, the dialogues are developed. The characters philosophize, make jokes or get angry. Texts are reviewed a thousand times so that all content flows smoothly.

La saga de cómic más popular entre los alienígenas
The best comic that Fantti & Pipoh are able to do


Everybody ready?

But these beings are a disaster, they don’t even know how to dress themselves, they don’t understand colors, they don’t know if this suits with that… Art direction is fundamental, because nothing has color until you color it.

The funniest 3d comic book in space


The magic of light

Our characters remain in the dark within their world and need someone to turn on the lights wherever they are needed. So we can see what they’re up to. Because nothing has light until you illuminate it.


Materialize it

A comic is not over until you have the book in your hands or on your screen. And that is a job that we have to do alone, while they rest for the next adventure. That’s how they are!

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About the authors:

Pedro Fdez

Script and 3D

Bárbara Fdez.

Direction of photography

Bárbara Pérez

Art Direction

We are not alone!… But you already knew that, right? This is not just another story of Martians and Earthlings, this is the final one. Discover how Fantti and Pipoh protect us from the dangers of the galaxy and join them!

You can get to know the characters better, see new cartoons, news, publications…

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