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Fantti - Saga Comic Fantti & Pipoh


Have you seen a guy with 5 hairs, purple eyes and dressed like a gangster? Well, that’s Fantti… The head of the earthlings!

Physical appearance

Height: 1,40 m.
Distinctive features: Unmistakable pointed nose, five black hairs, black eyes and purple eyelids.
Wardrobe: Gangster style, with white tie and black shirt.
Origin: From right here.

Boastful 75%
Capricious 82%
Endearing 70%
Pipoh - Top Comics


Fantti’s partner to talk and Maya’s guinea pig for her experiments. Well, that’s Pipoh!

Physical appearance

Height: 0,87 m.
Distinctive features: Head with three bumps and blue-green skin. His small and original legs make him a unique being.
Wardrobe: Mini white tie, following the style of his friend Fantti.
Origin: Extraterrestrial (adopted by earthlings).

Modest 91%
Friendly 75%
Adventurous 87%
Maya – Webtoon


Researcher, scientist, inventor… Her creations are unpredictable… Only her instinct guides her steps!

Physical appearance

Height: 1,58 m.
Distinctive features: Green eyes and brown bob hairstyle without bangs, inspired by the hairstyles of Ancient Egypt.
Wardrobe: Orange tank top, blue low-rise skirt and flip-flops.
Origin: Egyptian.

Smart 90%
Passionate 70%
Skillful 83%
Braulio - Comics Online


The sinister butler-cook who takes care of Fantti’s mental health, through his Panna cotta recipe.

Physical appearance

Height: 2,07 m.
Distinctive features: Slender and sinister figure, uneven teeth, haggard look and slow walking.
Wardrobe: Very long black frock coat and gnome style hat, just for sleeping.
Origin: Unknown.

Efficient 80%
Sinister 96%
Silent 75%
El Perro Negro - Humor Gráfico Inteligente


He is known as the best Martian detector in the world… He’s, Braulio’s dog. The Black Dog!

Physical appearance

Height: 0,67 m.
Distinctive features: Attentive look, athletic build and short gray-brown fur.
Wardrobe: The black dog doesn’t wear any distinctive garment, not even a collar with a tag.
Origin: He appeared with Braulio.

Intuitive 75%
Loyal 94%
Attentive 68%
El Oráculo - Cómic Digital


The spiritual advisor of Fantti. A lovely guy… when he’s not stuck between two dimensions.

Physical appearance

Height: 2,27 m.
Distinctive features: Big head, with a single pupil sharing both eye sockets, and long, ungainly arms.
Wardrobe: Two comfortable and very tight garments.
Origin: Alien living on Earth.

Spiritual 98%
Undecided 74%
Disconcerting 62%
Alien Comics - Mek-Mek


The perverse Mek-Mek is worse than a demon… His look scares!

Physical appearance

Height: 1,62 m.
Distinctive features: Elongated head with deep greenish dark circles. He doesn’t need to have fingers because of his telepathic ability.
Wardrobe: Purple jumpsuit made of very resistant Martian lycra, with reinforcements on the chest.
Origin: From Mars.

Villain 91%
Leader 82%
Strategist 70%
Tebeos - Saga Comic Fantti & Pipoh

BETA 855 & BETA 856

High-precision technological robots, created in the image and likeness of Mek-Mek. Mek-Mek’s favorites!

Physical appearance

Height: 1,42 and 1,10 m. respectively.
Distinctive features: They’re fully symmetrical, made of stainless steel, with spring arms and rear thrust mechanism for rapid expulsion of gases.
Wardrobe: They lack costumes.
Origin: Designed and created on Mars.

Infallible 89%
Programmed 99%
Robotic 97%
Alien Comics - New Comics


There are always people who take what is not theirs… The refrigerator thief! The great threat of the galaxy.

Physical appearance

Height: 3,12 m.
Distinctive features: His giant morphology, with prominent shoulders full of red veins, and steel hammers instead of hands.
Wardrobe: He’s just wearing ultra laser vision glasses.
Origin: From somewhere in the galaxy.

Quiet 83%
To leave without paying 85%
Pilferer 97%

We are not alone!… But you already knew that, right? This is not just another story of Martians and Earthlings, this is the final one. Discover how Fantti and Pipoh protect us from the dangers of the galaxy and join them!

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